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School registrations for the 2019/2020 Tournament will open on 
Monday, 4th November 2019.

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The first UAE National Tournament of Minds

took place May 5th 2018 

Raha International School, Khalifa A, Abu Dhabi

The results are in:

Primary Social Sciences
Winner: All Day Every Day Solvers - Pearl Academy
Honours Masterminds - Raha
Honours: 6 Shades of Green - Raha

Primary STEM
Winner: The Razor Raptors - Raha
Honours: The Minds of JBS - JBS
Honours: #TheSmarties - BSAK

Secondary Social Sciences
Winner: Magnets Sponsored by Magnets - Raha
Honours: Unity of Minds - Raha
Honours: Rapid Ionization - Raha

Secondary STEM
Winner: The Tournamentors - Raha
Honours: Le Six - BSAK
Honours: Mission Tharsis RR - Brighton College
Honours: Error 404 - DBS JP
Honours: ZAAHP - Al Mizhar

Spirit of Tournament Award (Nominated by Judges)
Primary: Savage Meteorologists - Raha for being the youngest team to compete. They were all grade 1 and 2 students.
Secondary: Flaming Marshmellows - JBS - For showing great resilience and continuing to compete on tournament day as a non-conforming team with only three members

For further information on training and school registration for the 2018/2019 school year, please feel free to contact us on

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