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On this page you will find special information about particular Challenges.

For other challenges questions, you should carefully read the Challenge Pack kits.

The Long Term Challenge

The Long Term Challenge is an open-ended challenge, in that it does not have any one specific solution. Teams must work collaboratively and creatively to satisfy multiple criteria and present their solutions in a dramatic format.

The Long Term Challenge disciplines are:

Language Literature

The Language Literature Challenge asks students to investigate and apply common literary devices and language techniques. This may involve existing or original texts, where texts may be written, spoken or multimodal, and in print or digital forms.

Social Sciences

The Social Sciences Challenge asks students to explore social issues and aspects of human society. This may include posing moral and ethical questions in a variety of contexts.


The combination of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) principles provides an integrated approach for students to deepen their conceptual understanding, and use their creative and critical thinking skills to solve the challenges within a real-world context

The Arts

The Arts Challenge asks students to research aspects of visual and performing arts and will require students to apply performing arts skills in creating their solutions. This may involve existing or original works of art, theatre, dance, music and song. The use of musical instruments is allowable in The Arts Challenge performance.

Teams select ONE Long Term Challenge from the disciplines above. They then work collaboratively, without outside assistance, to prepare their solution. This solution is performed to a panel of judges and an audience, at Regional Tournament Day.

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