Tournament of Minds (ToM) is a problem solving program for teams of students from primary, intermediate and secondary years. Tournament's aim is to enhance the potential of our youth by developing diverse skills, enterprise, time management, and the discipline to work collaboratively within a challenging and competitive environment.


Getting Started

In order to participate in the Tournament of Minds, you will need a 'Facilitator Log In Account'.

An account, created for the Facilitator, will be associated with a school. This starts with an 'Activation Code'.

The Activation Code, unique to each school, allows us to match your account with a school in our database. The create a new Facilitator account you will need to have the school's Activation Code.

When you've created your Facilitator Account, you can then proceed to Register your school for the Tournament.

If you are a 'new' Facilitator for this year, you can create your account using the Activation Code or the previous Facilitator's log in details to create a new Log In Account.

If your are a Facilitator at more than one school, you should contact your branch to add your account to other schools.

Who can create a Facilitator Account?

Primary, intermediate and secondary schools are eligible participate in the Tournament of Minds.

Each school, and if a school has multiple campuses, each school campus must have a school record and must register separately. You should nominate a person to be the 'Coordinator' for that school or campus.

In order to participate in and register for the Tournament of Minds, you must have a 'Facilitator Log In Account'. A school can have multiple Facilitators each with their own account.

What is the Activation Code and where do I get one?

The activation code is provided to schools, which TOM has authenticated, in order to create a Portal Account. You can request one online or you may receive one via email or mail from you TOM branch at the beginning of the year.

Registration and Team Nomination

Once you've created your account, you can then Register for the Tournament.

You will also be registering one team. If you have more than one team, you can indicate your number of 'Anticipated Teams'. You can also add more teams during the Team Nominations period.

You may be asked to select a Region that most closely represents the location of the school. (the Region may be already selected)

Important: You will be required to provide a judge for every 1 - 2 teams nominated.

We'll send you a confirmation email along with an invoice. You'll be able to view your registration details. Once you've paid, you'll then have access to a range of Tournament Resources.

Tournament Registration, Additional Teams, Workshops and Merchandise will be billed in Australian Dollars (AUD)

You create Teams using Team Nominations. Nominations open once the Challenges are released and close about three weeks prior to the Tournament weekend so check your branch page for dates. Further instructions on nominating your teams on line will be provided with the Challenges.

You can add additional teams to the number initially indicated at Team Nominations.

Tournament Timeline

Important dates for the current Tournament, for your Branch are listed on individual branch home pages.

Getting Help

If you need assistance at any time, please Contact Us. We'll be glad to help.

Let's get started... choose one of these options

A totally New School
If your school is newly instituted, or has changed significantly in the last three years, it might not be in

our database. You can fill in a form for the new/changed school. We will verify the school then send you an Activation Code.

(For existing schools, look at one of the other options)

Create School

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