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Welcome to the Victorian TOM Home Page for 2018

Key dates for 2018 are listed below. Further information about this year's TOM Program in Victoria has been emailed to all Victorian schools. If you have not received it, please contact the Victorian TOM Office via this website.

Regional and Victorian Final Tournaments are now complete. 

Regional Final Results 2018

Victorian Final Results 2018

TOM International Finals 2018

The Victorian Teams performed extremely well at the first TOM International Final held at Charles Darwin University, Darwin on Saturday 13th October.

We had eight brilliant teams representing Victoria:

St Paul’s Anglican Grammar Team 2 - Primary Language Literature
Trinity Lutheran College, Mildura Team 1 - Primary Social Sciences
Girton Grammar SChool Team 7 - Primary STEM
Huntingtower School Team 1 - Primary The Arts
St Kevin's College Team 3 - Secondary Language Literature  HONOURS
Girton Grammar School Team 6 - Secondary Social Sciences  FIRST PLACE
Girton Grammar School Team 8 - Secondary STEM  HONOURS 
The Knox School Team 1 - Secondary The Arts  HONOURS

Challenge Disciplines for 2018

A new era begins. Introducing the four long-term Challenge disciplines for 2018 we have the new The Arts Challenge together with the STEM super-Challenge to complement the popular Language Literature and Social Sciences. Teams select one Long Term Challenge from the disciplines below. They then work collaboratively, without outside assistance, to prepare their solution. This solution is performed to a panel of judges and an audience, at Regional Tournament Day.

Language Literature - this Challenge asks students to investigate and apply common literary devices and language techniques. This may involve existing or original texts, where texts may be written, spoken or multimodal, and in print or digital forms. 

Social Sciences - this Challenge asks students to explore social issues and aspect of human society. This may include posing moral and ethical questions in a variety of contexts.

STEM - the combination of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) principles provides an integrated approach for students to deepen their conceptual understanding, and use their creative and critical thinking skills to solve the challenges within an authentic context. There may be additional materials required to create a physical model to help demonstrate the Challenge solution. 

The Arts - this Challenge asks students to research aspects of visual and performing arts and will require students to apply performing arts skills in their solutions. This may involve existing or original works of art, theatre, dance, music and song.

More information

The Victorian Office is always there to assist and support you to implement the TOM program at your school. We endeavour to respond to you within 24 hours. The best method of contact is by email, as our office is not always attended during business hours. Our contact details are:

Mobile: 0435 326 465
Facebook Group: TOM Facilitators 2018  (for registered school facilitators only)
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