Getting Involved - Judges

Tournament of Minds relies on the participation of a wide range of loyal people who are able to volunteer their time to judge the teams’ solutions. They choose between the four long term Challenge – The Arts, STEM, Language and Literature, or Social Science; and also for the Spontaneous Challenge. Judges work in teams of two or three people and tend to have a particular knowledge or experience in the field they have nominated.

Judges’ training is provided in each of the discipline areas and time is allowed for judging teams to moderate their scores as appropriate. Judges are provided with time to familiarise themselves with the requirements and expectations of each challenge as well as the general information pertinent to the organisation of Tournament Day.

Scoring is confidential and no team’s performance should be discussed in public outside the positive verbal feedback given by judges directly after the performance. No scores are ever released to teams, schools, teachers, parents or facilitators and no discussion regarding scores is entered into.

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