Getting Involved - Facilitators

As a TOM facilitator you have the opportunity to support and encourage an enthusiastic and creative team of seven students as they negotiate and trial their solution to a real world issue. It is your chance to introduce them to different ways of thinking and help them to develop their repertoire of thinking processes and dramatic and presentation skills. The most difficult thing for a facilitator is keeping your ideas to yourself and letting the team run with their thoughts and plans!

Being a TOM facilitator also allows you to hone your own skills using thinking processes such as extended brainstorming, Bob Erle’s SCAMPER, Edward de Bono’s Thinking Hats or Tony Ryan’s Thinking Keys. Teams need to learn how to manage their time effectively, develop and practise inter- and intra-personal skills, negotiate and compromise in order to arrive at the best possible creative solution.

Being a TOM facilitator is the next best thing to being a TOM team member!

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